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Would you like to learn of alternatives to drugs and surgeries for your health and well being? Or get a clear understanding of what your body actually needs and supply it with often times dramatic results? If you are interested in making your body healthy again please use the following link to contact me to schedule an appointment.  Contact Me
Client Thank You's
Cheryl, I wanted to let you know that after using the herbal tea mixture for less than a week, my stomach was feeling so much better. I can't believe it! I have been going to Doctors for over 2 years and have had little relief from the burning stomach. I will continue the regime and I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight on what my body really needed.
Bernice A. Kaiser, Owner/General Manager SNELLING STAFFING SERVICES Chelmsford, MA
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Voice BioAnalysis
Voice BioAnalysis is a cutting edge, non-invasive, diagnostic assessment tool that reads the vibrational frequencies of the voice to check for energetic imbalances in the body. With a 5 minute sample of your voice a graph showing the body systems that are stressed or low in energy is up on the computer screen. From there we can discuss diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes to bring you back into balance and health once again. For more information on voice bioanalysis please refer to my links page.  Links